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So many changes!

UPDATE: 04/13/18: Most of the add-ons featured in this post are either no longer supported or severely broken.

Exodus has been one of the most venerated of Kodi add-ons of all time. It’s ease of use and reliable links made it a favorite of the Kodi community. All good things must come to an end, however, and Exodus has been less and less reliable over time. It has, though, been “forked” numerous times and one of the most recent is the Placenta add-on. Stay tuned to this site, as I am working on a installation and use tutorial for Placenta and hope to have it up prior to next week.

SALTS: Another unsupported add-on, SALTS has been forked as well. The Death Streams add-on

I am actively researching other sports add-ons as recommended by other website as well as the Addons4Kodi subreddit. When I find some (or one) that offer the relative ease of use and quality of links that SportsDevil used to offer, than I will feature them on this site.

So many choices…so little time!

Ok…you want to watch some films or TV. We understand! Otherwise, why else (besides Live Sports) would you have invested in your Mini Media Center? The following add-ons should be all that you need to watch the latest in streaming movies and TV. You can also download movies from the Quasar add-on configured to use a USB flash or hard drive plugged into your MMC.

ExodusIconExodus: Exodus is definitely one of the best add-ons for 2016. I have found the Exodus add-on to be very reliable at getting just about anything I can think of. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t come across bad links (as you would in almost any  video streaming add-on), but I have minimal bad links with Exodus and have yet to find a show that I can’t watch using it.

SaltsIconSALTS – Stream All The Sources: Stream All The Sources is a video addon that allows you to get streams from a lot of different sources. SALTS uses for content discovery, metadata, artwork, list management, and general browsing of movie/TV Show content. Hoster aggregation sites (e.g. are then only used when starting playback for an Episode or Movie.

QuasarIconQuasar: The Quasar add-on is the number one method for streaming torrent movies and TV shows that brings support and new features to the add-on such as library integration and multi-torrent support.



There are a couple of ways to access the above add-ons. One way is to choose your add-on from the “featured apps” above the Movies section of your home screen or from the Movies submenu.MoviesHome.640

OR…you can choose Addons Video submenu from the main menu to get the the following screen(s).Menu-AddonsVideo.640

Scroll down to see all of the video addons installedAddonsVideo.640

Lets get started with Exodus:

Navigate to the Movies home screen and choose Exodus from the featured apps section (seen below) or from the Movies submenu.Menu-Exodus.640

Choose Movies from the Exodus main menu. You will see the choices below. You will notice I have highlighted the People Watching menu item. This is a good place to find new popular movies. Don’t limit yourself to one menu item, however. Have a look around and check out some of the others and you may find you have a favorite or two. In fact, you can add your favorites to the main favorites section for easy access as a later time.ExodusPeopleWatching.640

Here is the first screen of those films that others are currently watching thru the addon.You can see more choices by scrolling to the bottom and choosing Next Page.Exodus-PeopleWatching2.640

Once you start a movie you’ll notice it starts automatically. This is by choice and is a super feature of Exodus and Stream All The Sources. If you find the auto stream is excessively buffering you can stop the stream and choose a stream thru the context menu (right click with mouse; c on a keyboard ) using Play using (see below).Exodus-PlayUsing.640

You’ll see a choice of all the sources for that particular movie. In addition, you will see various quality choices e.g., HQ, HD and SD. HQ is 720p or greater, HD is normally 720p and SD is 480p or standard definition. The auto loaded streams are restricted to 720p or less as this provides the best viewing experience for most people (unless you are paying for higher tiered internet speed from your provider.Exodus-PlayUsing2.640

Now let’s take a peek at SALTS


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