Welcome To Your Media Center!

First things first! Congratulations on the purchase of your Mini Media Center!


You now have one of the most powerful media centers available on the market today. And the best part (as you already may know) is it’s fully configured in order to provide you with the best in streaming entertainment – including movies, TV and sports as well as access to your own “local” content.

What’s in the box?

Check you have the following items within the packaging:

  • The Gulf Coast Geek Mini Media Center Box includes these pre-assembled items:
    • Raspberry Pi Model 3
    • Case (with removable top – just in case you want to check out the innards)
    • Pre-formatted, installed and configured Noobs or Samsung microSDHC card
  • 5V 3A Power Supply
  • HDMI Cable – 5 ft. You could use a shorter (or longer) HDMI cable if you prefer

First time use:

  • Connect a USB mouse or keyboard to one of the free USB ports. You will need this initially to set up your wireless network prior to setting up your smartphone app (unless, of course, you have purchased an optional wireless keyboard).
  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the The Gulf Coast Geek Mini Media Center Box and the other to the HDMI port on your TV. Turn on your TV and change the TV “Source” to the HDMI cable.
  • Connect the power supply to the Box.
  • Connect the power supply to an AC outlet. The Box will turn on automatically.
  • Connect your Box to your WiFi Network. Instructions here: setup-your-wireless
  • If using a smartphone app, ensure that you have it installed on your phone and/or tablet.
  • You’ll be connecting to: openELEC-Pi3
  • For Android phone or tablet install the following: http://goo.gl/z82s0i
  • For more info on using Yatse: http://yatse.tv/redmine/projects/yatse/wiki/Wiki
  • For iPhone/iPad install the following: http://goo.gl/pGPNiMIf using the optional wireless keyboard, ensure that it is on (switch is on the upper right edge).
  • For more info on using Sybu: http://www.sybu.co.za/wp/projects/xbmc/
  • If you connected a USB mouse or keyboard, you can now remove it/them.

Please Notice:

  • Your box can be turned off using the wireless keyboard (or a smartphone app) but to start your Mini Media Center Box you have to disconnect and reconnect the power plug. It is only way to start Raspberry Pi based boxes.
  • Your TV should be powered on first and then your Mini Media Center Box.


If the box starts and you do not see any picture on your TV, first please check it with a different HDMI Cable, if that does not help that can mean your TV resolution is not supported so to fix it please connect the Box to different TV and from Kodi home screen go to SYSTEM > System > Video output > Resolution. Set a different resolution and then check the Box again on first TV.