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UPDATE: kodibae zip file in now installing successfully.
Further update: The following procedure’s screenshot are for the default skin in Kodi Krypton. If you are still on Kodi Jarvis (you can tell from the boot screen when you reboot), the follow the procedure outlined HERE for the old default Confluence skin

UPDATE: 4/3/18 1:39 EDT – Following the procedure outlined below will result in an installation error. We are checking on this error and hope to have it resolved soon. Please check back later today!

Update 03/20/18: Added the new (to me at least) kodibae repository to the list of repositories featured here. This repository seems to be more active in updating certain add-ons and has some additional useful add-ons

Install new repositories to keep your add-ons up to date!

With all the upheaval in the Kodi add-on community lately, you may find that your add-ons are broken, slow or no longer up to date. The good news is…I have researched some new repositories that will update your system including all your add-ons and even many, if not most, of your repositories.

To Install:
From the home page select
Add-ons (and enter on keyboard – double click on mouse)

Scroll to the box at the top left and select it (enter on keyboard – double click on mouse)

Select Install from zip file (and enter on keyboard – double click on mouse)

If you haven’t already done so, you may be prompted to authorize “Unknown sources” in your settings. If that’s the case, you will get the following message.

Select Settings and you will get the following.


Select Settings and you will see the following

Select Unknown sources and you will see the following warning. Go ahead and select Yes and you will have approved Unknown sources and will be redirected to the Install from zip file page. If you haven’t added my website as a source for add-ons, then you will need to do so. Click HERE for instructions.
Again select (enter or double-click) Install from zip file. Select .geek or whatever your source was named when you purchased your media center (e.g. .thegcgeek, .thegulfcoastgeek, etc) and enter on keyboard – double click on mouse.


Select new (and enter on keyboard – double click on mouse) new
Select and install each new add-on/repository – enter on keyboard – double click on mouse

Wait for the notification at the top right of the screen signifying that the add-on/repository has been installed. Once completed, your add-ons should update automatically. To be certain, reboot your media center from the power button (top left) on the main screen.

This site and the media it produces is in no way associated with the XMBC Foundation or Kodi and the add-on and/or repository referenced in the article not supported by the Kodi Team or the XBMC foundation. Please do not post questions on the website relating to this add-on. This website shares links to unofficial, third-party repositories and add-ons. We do not create, develop, own, or financially support any of the add-ons linked on this website.


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