Welcome (1)Mini Media Center HTPC’s

Sick of high cable bills? Considering cutting the cord or “downgrading” your cable service? We have the product that can convince you! With our Mini Media Center, you’ll be able to access more content than you thought possible; movies, TV shows (even premium cable shows) and live sports. And with the addition of an HDTV antenna, you may find you don’t require cable at all! Check out our Media Centers and accessories here.

Remote PC Support

Whether you need me to set-up a printer, cure a virus or spyware infection or speed up a slow computer, we have the experience to solve your computer problem. See more here

Home And Small Business Networking

Need help setting up your home or small business network? We can help! Whether it’s a matter of setting up network shares, setting up network printers or other peripherals, configuring routers and switches or port forwarding for web and other services, call now for help. See more here

Tech Advice

Let’s face it, technology is changing at an exponential rate and its hard to keep up with these changes. Let us do it for you! Utilizing our over thirty years of experience in tech as well as our resources to journals, white papers and reviews, we can assist you in making the right choice when considering your next technology purchase


By using the same tool that I utilize for computer support, I can help you learn more about the things that matter to you. You can follow along while I explain concepts for each subject and we can interact so you can learn by doing. See more here